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Television Agency SA record productions for multiple client and some items are made available for resale through our web site. Just select the item you require from the list below and click the ADD TO CART button.


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We take , Direct Deposit, Money Orders and Cheques. 
Secure credit card payments via PayPal SSL server. 


Item Performance Dates


2015 Festival of Music

Number of copies can be adjusted in cart.

Cost is $46 / DVD, extra clips are $12.

Extra clips only available with purchase of a full concert.

  • Tuesday 8/9/15 evening
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  • Wednesday 9/9/2015 evening
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  • Thursday 10/9/2015 evening
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  • Friday 11/9/2015 evening
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  • Saturday 12/9/2015 matinee
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  • Saturday 12/9/2015 evening
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  • Sunday 13/9/2015 matinee
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  • Sunday 13/9/2015 evening
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  • Monday 14/9/15 no show
  • Tuesday 15/9/2015 evening
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  • Wednesday 16/9/2015 evening
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  • Thursday 17/9/2015 evening
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  • Friday 18/9/2015 evening
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You can purchase extra clips from other evenings @ $12.00 each. Just select the Extra clips add to cart and adjust the number of extra clips you want.


Don't forget to leave details of the evenings/clips you want in the cart info box.

Extra clips only available with purchase of a full concert.

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